Lobbyists! Friend or Foe ?

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Author: Anthony Galvez
Lobbyists! Friend or Foe ?

Contrary to the speech you hear from those in Washington, neither party has a problem with lobbyists. They have a problem with lobbyists that oppose their specific agenda. Republicans may object to the Lawyer lobby and Democrats may object to a Commerce (Insurance, Pharmaceutical, Medical care providers) lobby. Neither opposes Lobbyists in principle because they can be a source of campaign contributions and an honest representation of their constituency’s views and opinions.

This is my view on lobbyists. The American people have nothing to fear from lobbyists, they should fear their elected politicians that vote contrary to their constituent’s best interest because of a lobbyists influence. I’ve had this discussion with friends and most fall into the trap that says lobbyists are terrible and need to be stopped or eliminated.

I have never seen a lobbyist issued a voter’s card. I have never seen a corporation (I own one and haven’t received my registration card) issued a voter’s card. I have never seen a union head or another group issued a voter’s card. Lobbyists and corporations cannot vote, period. The individual Lobby-er can as a citizen but his group has no voting power.

Lobbyists represent Unions, Businesses, medical causes, environmental causes, senior citizens, minor children advocates, charities of all sorts. Each has a reason to petition for their client’s cause. The fact is that anyone that has ever communicated with their Congressional representative is a lobbyist.

Our elected representatives are the people that matter. We need to elect people that promote what we want to get done. I have no problem with my representative meeting with special interest groups as long as they are relative to my needs. If they meet with someone, let us know who you’re meeting with and who they represent. If you get a contribution from someone or something (lobby group), report it, and I mean all of it. Ignore the size limits permitted by the FEC that allows non disclosure if the amount is below some amount (let’s say $250.00 as an example). If you get a contribution, report it no matter how small.

If your representative doesn’t tell you who they meet with and what was received and what was discussed, you need to talk with your Representative. A lot of detail on the discussions is not the goal, but topics discussed should be disclosed.

We do not need laws for this issue, we need to elect Representatives that will unilaterally enact these policies because they are the right thing to do.

You are the kings/queens of your own kingdom.

Step up and rule.


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