Slaughter Rule Fix

On March 28, 2010, in State and Federal Politics, by admin

Your Host: Anthony Galvez

Author: Anthony Galvez

I do not want to hear Republicans crying about the Slaughter Rule!

I want them to gather every Democrat and Independent and repeal this rule and denounce any instance that used it.

The majority of the Congressmen are lawyers or should have understood rules by shear osmosis from hanging around their lawyer associates. They should understand rules. They should understand that anything you will use can and will be used against you.

Each Congressman (I do not have the time to be gender neutral) should have a press conference and request for this rule to be repealed and denounce its use on principal. No grandstanding on how evil the other party was for when they used it. THE AMERICAN PEOPLE DON’T CARE ABOUT THEN, THEY CARE ABOUT NOW.

None of the Congressmen can take the high ground on being the purest servant of the people to ever grace the office. Each has their weaknesses and have been human and made mistakes. NOW IS THE TIME TO WALK TALL.

I doubt if any constituent will hold it against his/her Congressman for standing for what is the only sensible thing to do. Imagine if your kids or an employee (which a Congressman is) tried to take this route on responsibility?

I do not support the legislation as it is in either body of the Congress, but I would have denounced this long ago if I knew it was a ploy used by either party.

Refute this if you dare and tell your kids about how you support anything like this.


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