The Truth About The Debt and Social Security

On September 28, 2012, in Uncategorized, by AnthonyGalvez

The sad reality is with a $16 trillon debt, each man, woman and child of this nation’s 320 million citizens is in debt for $50,0000. That includes you and I, our kids, legal residents, and our parents.

The 2nd sad reality is that based on reports released on 9/26/2012 from the Social Security  Trustee committee, SS will be insolvent two years sooner than originally estimated.

It is difficult to figure out why many Americans have not done the math or have elected to wear blinders on their eyes when it comes to these two issues.

Politicians are easy to figure out. Many lack true leadership capabilities or are more worried about kicking the “can” down the road for the next guy.  I know the difficulties that  are faced when decisions have to be made on spending programs. No matter where the cuts occur, someone has a legitimate need for the money that affects their life in the most basic form.

The fisrt task is to show the American people what the facts are on the debt and the peril we are putting our kids and grand kids in. I don’t think many will approve of the picture that is painted.

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