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Author:   Anthony Galvez

Protests, Then and Now.  Who is really the scariest?

To all those that may think the Tea-Party or “tea-baggers” as they are affectionately called by many are dangerous or instill fear in the nation by their signs or comments, I have done some research to see if a few of their event attendees hold the Patent on poor judgement or alleged “hate speech” through their signs and or rhetoric.

Don’t think that this is an excuse for poor judgement by any event attendee (be them conservative or liberal in their viewpoints).  This is a reality check for any that think the level of rhetoric in our country has changed due to who is in the office of the President.

A “harmless” protester at the 2008 RNC Convention

The photo above is of a protester at the 2008 RNC convention.  You know, the one where rioters broke windows of store fronts, lit fires on trash cans, and threw debris at the police.  He must have been a future “tea-bagger” trying some reverse psychology on his own party.  This couldn’t be a motivated Democrat, environmental activist, or the victim of Community Organization endeavors, could it?

Are there conservatives or attendees at conservative minded events that make outlandish statements or have less than appropriately minded signs to promote their cause? YES THERE ARE!!!!!

Are they the norm?  No more than this kid who likely was not a supporter of President Bush or Palin or McCain.

Let’s get real and stop the fear mongering.


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