Guns In America and Our New Culture February 2018

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Today is February 21st, 2018 (I wrote the italic & bold portion in May of 2016)

Wow, another shooting at a school where 10 people including the shooter died. My heart goes out to the victims, their friends, family, and communities of those victims lost or injured.

I have seen data that showed 296 shootings nation wide occurred during 2015 where 5 or more victims were involved(17%+/- of the shooters were identified) . Sad to say, I presume the others were gang, drug,  or other crime related shootings where the bad guys would have had guns no matter what our gun laws are/were.

We immediately heard cries yesterday for stricter gun controls and resistance to any gun laws from our Representatives. The press uses colorful words like AR-15 style long rifle to instill fear into the hearts of Americans that have only seen a hand gun or rifle on TV, a video game, or in a case at Walmart.

My history of gun ownership/use is this, my father with all of his flaws taught my brother and I the basics of gun safety, how to aim with a revolver or semi-auto hand gun, shotgun, or rifle and to hit our mark. We developed a deep respect for the power of each weapon’s projectiles. We hunted dove, quail, and the occasional duck.  A little more into my father’s methods show that he failed to use the highest standards of current firearm education based on his skill level. With my father’s “A-typical” entrepreneurial ventures, a hand gun was often within sight and loaded. With that said, we never toyed or touched any of the home’s firearms unless we meant to shoot something.

Let’s fast forward to today’s teenagers and young adults. We have a higher rate of single parent families, a culture of instant gratification, a culture where Billy and Sally are told they are the most handsome or prettiest person that has ever graced the earth, they make Einstein look like a special needs person, they are always the most improved, and they will never lose anything because they are special. A place where Billy and Sally have always had their issues handled with the loving caring hand of mom and dad, the teacher, and others that wanted them to be extra positive.

Reality finally hits Billy or Sally right between the eyes when they hit High School or College. They see the teachers don’t have time to coddle them through countless questions because they expect Billy and Sally to be critical thinkers by this age. Billy finds out that he can’t make the team because he never really improved those 4 years he played a 1/2 inning each game during the season and Sally is distraught because the boys look at and like Sherry and Yolandez more for whatever reason and she fails to get asked to the dance by Prince Valiant.


Now we are in February 2018. 17 people were killed by a kid with an AR-15. This kid was an orphan or put into the foster system, then adopted, then lost his adoptive mom, etc. No one can say this kid had it easy from any vantage point. I can see where he is deeply troubled and had issues and needed help quite possibly before losing his mom. Look at the Sandy Hook School shooting where 20 kids and 6 adults are killed by a young man with problems.

The only way these two shootings could have been addressed is for the Home Owners to ensure that any firearms in their home are secured in their gun safe. If someone doesn’t want to give you their arms, you don’t let them live there. Let us legislate that if someone uses a firearm that is found to have clearly identifiable mental issues, the Owner of their domicile is able to be charged with culpability in the murders for granting access to the weapon.

I would rather have people fearing this prosecution than kids laying dead in a school, park, or mall. I do not want laws to further restrict my options for what weapons I may own. If there is a background check program, the government must destroy all knowledge of the buyer if the BG check is deemed within whatever tolerances are established. If anyone is EVER arrested because the Government failed to destroy their background and purchase information obtained in the background check, the Judge must summarily dismiss all charges with prejudice.

That will make Americans diligent about those around them and the security of weapons in their home.

We need to get a real solution for a real problem. This is the only thing I can see that may have prevented both Sandy Hood and this recent shooting in Parkwood.

Let’s Make America Stronger!


Anthony Galvez