I want to start this post by disclosing that my son is a gay man.  I will also stipulate that when he came out of the “closet” it was difficult for me to take but I knew some day the reality would have to be dealt with. Like a lot of heterosexual men that have children and specifically boys, I had hopes of carrying on my genes and family name through my son (yes I know my genes carry on through my daughter whom I am also very proud to be a parent of).

After we had and continue to have conversations about the topic, I have learned much about the gay male community and a little about the lesbian community including the struggles with certain protections that are afforded to heterosexual couples.

As a man raised on biblical principals and someone that strives to live to a high standard as  outlined in the bible, I had a long and arduous journey when it comes to the matter of marriage and other rights. My son and his past partner would discuss the topic at length with me and did so with respect to each other’s views.

I believe in rights being protected for individuals so they can grow, prosper, and feel secure  during their life.

I support and will defend the passage of Federal Legislation legalizing Civil Unions so that LGT couples may have all of the rights, protections, and privileges afforded heterosexual couples.

I have to respectfully not support calling the Civil Union a marriage.

The rights are what I want protected, nomenclature will come over time. I understand the resistance of many well intended people of faith objecting from a religious standpoint to the use of marriage being used to describe a group of rights. To many, marriage is a religious institution that has been codified by government.

I recommend that every Republican, Libertarian, and other party member promote legislation for Civil Unions at their earliest convenience.

Many in the LGBT community will hate this idea and rail against it and call it hate speech but the fact is the rights are what are important right now. Why not get progress moving even faster than it is already.

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Anthony Galvez


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