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These are programs or activities that we endorse or participate in. We feel that most privately funded programs that serve the citizens that seek the organization’s help are good for our community.

Boy Scouts of America

A long established organization to help young boys and men of our nation master skills I believe are beneficial to their development.

Girl Scouts of America

The Girl Scouts of the USA is a fine organization that teaches young women the importance of education and other valuable skills required to be productive members in this country’s push into this fast paced world that gets increasingly smaller.

Math Counts Foundation

America can not lead the world in innovation if its citizens are not knowledgeable in math and associated sciences. This group holds regular events and efforts to make sure that students of all ages get the guidance and mentorship they need to achieve their own personal goals in the sciences.

Reading Is Fundamental, Inc.

Reading is the foundation for all advanced learning. RIF is a leader in promoting the importance of learning.




Lobbyists! Friend or Foe ?

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Your Host: Anthony Galvez

Author: Anthony Galvez
Lobbyists! Friend or Foe ?

Contrary to the speech you hear from those in Washington, neither party has a problem with lobbyists. They have a problem with lobbyists that oppose their specific agenda. Republicans may object to the Lawyer lobby and Democrats may object to a Commerce (Insurance, Pharmaceutical, Medical care providers) lobby. Neither opposes Lobbyists in principle because they can be a source of campaign contributions and an honest representation of their constituency’s views and opinions.

This is my view on lobbyists. The American people have nothing to fear from lobbyists, they should fear their elected politicians that vote contrary to their constituent’s best interest because of a lobbyists influence. I’ve had this discussion with friends and most fall into the trap that says lobbyists are terrible and need to be stopped or eliminated.

I have never seen a lobbyist issued a voter’s card. I have never seen a corporation (I own one and haven’t received my registration card) issued a voter’s card. I have never seen a union head or another group issued a voter’s card. Lobbyists and corporations cannot vote, period. The individual Lobby-er can as a citizen but his group has no voting power.

Lobbyists represent Unions, Businesses, medical causes, environmental causes, senior citizens, minor children advocates, charities of all sorts. Each has a reason to petition for their client’s cause. The fact is that anyone that has ever communicated with their Congressional representative is a lobbyist.

Our elected representatives are the people that matter. We need to elect people that promote what we want to get done. I have no problem with my representative meeting with special interest groups as long as they are relative to my needs. If they meet with someone, let us know who you’re meeting with and who they represent. If you get a contribution from someone or something (lobby group), report it, and I mean all of it. Ignore the size limits permitted by the FEC that allows non disclosure if the amount is below some amount (let’s say $250.00 as an example). If you get a contribution, report it no matter how small.

If your representative doesn’t tell you who they meet with and what was received and what was discussed, you need to talk with your Representative. A lot of detail on the discussions is not the goal, but topics discussed should be disclosed.

We do not need laws for this issue, we need to elect Representatives that will unilaterally enact these policies because they are the right thing to do.

You are the kings/queens of your own kingdom.

Step up and rule.


Slaughter Rule Fix

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Your Host: Anthony Galvez

Author: Anthony Galvez

I do not want to hear Republicans crying about the Slaughter Rule!

I want them to gather every Democrat and Independent and repeal this rule and denounce any instance that used it.

The majority of the Congressmen are lawyers or should have understood rules by shear osmosis from hanging around their lawyer associates. They should understand rules. They should understand that anything you will use can and will be used against you.

Each Congressman (I do not have the time to be gender neutral) should have a press conference and request for this rule to be repealed and denounce its use on principal. No grandstanding on how evil the other party was for when they used it. THE AMERICAN PEOPLE DON’T CARE ABOUT THEN, THEY CARE ABOUT NOW.

None of the Congressmen can take the high ground on being the purest servant of the people to ever grace the office. Each has their weaknesses and have been human and made mistakes. NOW IS THE TIME TO WALK TALL.

I doubt if any constituent will hold it against his/her Congressman for standing for what is the only sensible thing to do. Imagine if your kids or an employee (which a Congressman is) tried to take this route on responsibility?

I do not support the legislation as it is in either body of the Congress, but I would have denounced this long ago if I knew it was a ploy used by either party.

Refute this if you dare and tell your kids about how you support anything like this.


Greedy Insurance Profit Myth

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Your Host: Anthony Galvez

Author: Anthony Galvez

We have all heard from the President and the Democrats in the Congress that those waskilly Medical Insurance companies are making outlandish profits by mistreating their customers, namely us. The $12+ billion value is used most often.

I decided to see just how treacherous this group was and did some investigating. It turns out, the $12 billion value is correct for 2009 annual profits for the major providers in the US that provide the lion’s share of the coverage.

Man oh man does that sound like a lot of money. Let’s take a look at that for a minute. One of the most frequent complaints lodged by the President and the Democrats is the immoral profits that insurers make.

Let us presume that 275 million people of the United States are insured (we won’t say citizens because not all of the insured are citizens). We will agree to the figure thrown out by many supporters of the current health care legislation now under consideration by the Congress that 40 million are uninsured. That doesn’t affect the math but I don’t want anyone saying we are ignoring the facts.

Let’s dissect this into simple terms. $12,200,000,000 divided by 275,000,000. You take the outlandish profit and divide it by the number of people they have allegedly bilked out of a lot of money. Let’s do the math, you don’t need a fancy calculator. You can use the one on your cell phone.

  1. Let’s take those 6 zeros off of both numbers. 12,200,000,000 and 275,000,000
  2. That leaves 12,200 divided by 275
  3. That equals $44.36 profit per patient per year per insured.

Chuck Schumer scored a perfect 1600 on his SAT so I am surprised he never brought this fact to light.

Still, it is profit. So let’s see what they do to earn that money.

  • They have to get investors to give them money to open the Company,
  • They have to jump through bureaucratic hoops in each state to do business,
  • The have to comply with regulations that change (sometimes often and sometimes not often),
  • They have to clearly figure out what they can afford to offer their customers so they can 1) know what their liabilities will be and 2) make sure they have the money to pay for it,
  • They have to advertise to customers to provide this service/product because they don’t have a monopoly, they have some competition,
  • They have to get doctors to agree to take what they want to pay for a service (this helps them be competitive with other Insurers),
  • They have to hire employees (our fellow citizens) to handle all of the paperwork that is required to comply with the regulations from the State and Federal agencies,
  • They have to hire employees (more of our fellow citizens) to process the claims from their customers, us.
  • They have to do some tough decision making on who they can cover based on their respective health (pre-existing conditions) to make sure they have enough money to pay the bills of all of their customers and keep the company running for another day.
  • They have to set a limit on how much they can pay for any one person’s care. The sad truth is that no matter how much the Government or an Insurer wants to take care of someone, there is a point that no amount of money will save the patient.

I agree that the health care system and insurance policies needs to be reformed. I agree that there are some insurers that will deny coverage when they are obliged to cover the patient.  Medicaid and Medicare decline procedures also to contain costs.  To our politicians (Republicans and Democrats alike),  please lead us on the basis that we are smart enough to understand an issue on its merit, not its rhetoric.

What I don’t agree with is the use of figures to distort the facts for a cause. Insurers and Petroleum companies are the easiest targets because what they provide, we can’t live without for the most part and most Americans have to work to get ahead and it is not easy.

Let’s legislate to end worst practices. Let’s not legislate to look good for our neighbors, but provide no tangible benefit for them.

I will happily pay my $45 in profit for the services provided to me. For all those that will review the number of insured that I used, let me save you some time. If the number of insured is 1/2 of what I estimated, that only makes it $90 in profit per year. Still no problem for me. Sorry to disappoint the people that like to misrepresent the facts.